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Why does window cleaning need to be performed?​

Not only will it enhance the appearance of your house, but your windows will get the protection they need. We use a super concentrated biodegradable solution found at our window supply houses. This solution cuts through the dirt and grime, and also acts as a barrier against minerals and chemicals found in rainwater and sprinkler systems. 

How often do my windows need cleaning?​

That is a good question, but let us ask you how often do your windows look dirty? Our clients schedule at a range of weekly to bi-annual cleaning. We recommend at the very least quarterly. We also offer many options to cater to every budget, package options, and also exterior only which typically are scheduled in between cleanings if your interior glass doesn’t seem to accumulate as much dirt. By having a professional wash your windows on a regular basis, you can remove bugs, pollen, dirt, give your home a nice year-round luster, and protect against hard water stains. If your glass is not cleaned regularly, severe hard water stains and oxidation can occur over time. This is due to minerals like calcium and iron from water getting in the pores of the glass. Once this happens, no amount of scrubbing, scraping, etc. will remove it.​

What can I do about the Hard Water Stains and Oxidation?​

Oxidation and Hard Water Stains can be removed but it is not an easy process, this service is extended to you at an additional service fee.​

What materials are used in the process?​

We use a soft strip washer for scrubbing and wetting windows, a scraper (brand new blade for each job-no scratching), a biodegradable super concentrated window cleaning solution, a variety of different size squeegees with new rubbers in them, and dry lint free towels to wipe squeegee between strokes, and to wipe excess water around the panes.​

We use our Pure water System to clean your exterior windows to a streak free shine. We also wear shoe covers every time we enter your home.​

What should the result be?​

Windows and doors will be streak free, shiny, and very clear (you won’t get that result with Windex and paper towels). Note: we recommend putting small decorative stickers on sliding glass doors so you know whether they are closed or open.​

What do I need to do prior to window cleaner arrival?​

Blinds should be raised or shutters opened on all windows. Anything of material or sentimental value should be moved away from your windows. If you want to have a window cleaned and there is something blocking windows in garage or if you have items on window sills, you should move those. Screens should be removed unless you are paying to have them removed to be cleaned, but other than that, when we leave, everything will be put back where we found it. You won’t even know we’ve been there, except now you have clean glass.

Other things you need to know:

Another consideration when selecting a window cleaner. Don’t use any window washer who is not properly insured. Our liability insurance protects you, the homeowner. We will provide you with our insurance company’s name and policy number upon request.

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“East Coast Windows have come to my home 3 times so far. The first time, they cleaned all the windows on the inside and the outside and the second time they cleaned the windows on the outside plus my screened in porch area that has EZ Breeze panels, which are difficult to clean and reinstall, and the last time was yesterday when I had them clean very tall windows and high cabinets in my kitchen along with many EZ panels.

They are thorough, professional, wear booties and take care of all of my possessions while moving my furniture. I am very relaxed while they are here, I trust that they know what they are doing.”

Kathy B, Milton, DE
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