We Offer Pressureless Roof Cleaning!

Roof Cleaning is essential. Besides being an eye sore, that black discoloration is not just dirt, it is living organisms growing and eating away at your roof. It is important to maintain a clean roof so that it lasts longer.

Pressure washing can be done on many homes and businesses to remove the stains caused by mold, mildew and algae. The problem is that it only takes off the visible coating spread across the roof while leaving the roots in place and can damage your roof and void your warranty in most cases. These root spores spread again within a year or two and then the roof needs to be cleaned again. East Coast Window Cleaning uses a method that eliminates mold and algae to the root with less pressure than a garden hose. This soaking action results in a cleaning that removes not just the visible stain but also the root source.

Save money on cooling costs by keeping the reflective stones on the shingles. Don’t spend money replacing a dirty roof. 

Protect your health and you investment and schedule a roof cleaning today!