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Gutter Cleaning Service

East Coast Window Cleaning is here to help you avoid clogged gutters and the costs that come with the repairs needed for damages to your home’s interior, roof, and gutters!

Our team of gutter-cleaning pros will come to your home and remove all the dirt, leaves, pine needles, and any other debris, from your gutters. That means no more ladders for you and a much safer way to check another thing off that “Honey Do List”. And we’ll even haul the debris away, so you’re not left with a pile of debris for you to deal with!

While we’re there, we’ll also inspect your gutters for any damage, make recommendations based on what we find, and we’d also be happy to help prevent future gutter cleaning with an estimate for our ProGuard Gutter Guard System.

With East Coast Window Cleaning, you never have to worry about making a mess or dealing with dangerous ladder work — just leave it to us, so give us a call today!

  • ​Avoid Costly Repairs That Can Occur If Your Gutters Are Not Cleaned Properly.
  •     All Cleaning Is Done By Hand
  •     No Mess, Fuss or Blowers
  •     Free Downspout Cleaning
  •     All Debris Removed From Property
Our patented ProGuard Gutter Guard System

Gutter Guard Installation

With the everchanging, wide variety of weather that we experience on the Delmarva Peninsula, gutter guards are an essential defense in protecting your home’s gutters from damage and clogging due to debris, such as ice and leaves. For these reasons, we are proud to offer the industry-leading, lifetime warranty-backed, ProGuard Gutter Protection System to our customers.

By keeping leaves, sticks, dirt, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters, they will remain clean and clear so that they can continue to do their job of properly routing rainwater away from your roof structure and home’s foundation.

Our ProGuard Gutter Guards also help prevent animals from building nests or insect infestations like mosquitoes (standing water + our warm summers = mosquito heaven!) which can carry such diseases as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and the disease dog owners dread, Heartworm.

Additionally, gutter guards reduce the need for frequent gutter cleaning, saving you time and money (and keeping you or your family members off the tall ladders!) while ensuring your home is always protected against water damage.

In the winter months, our ProGuard Gutter Guards can also help protect your home from ice dams and snow-related damage. As water begins to freeze in the gutter, it can cause a thick sheet of ice to form along the edge of your roof which is known as an ice dam. The weight of these ice dams can eventually cause damage to both the gutters and shingles on your roof, eventually leading to water backing up into your homes attic or exterior walls and ceilings. Our gutter guards help keep the ice out, allowing for more efficient drainage during cold weather so you can avoid a painful call to your insurance agent and make costly repairs resulting from the ice dam damage.

Overall, our ProGuard Gutter Guard System provides numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any homeowner looking to protect their property from water-related issues. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, or click one of our handy Request Estimate buttons, and have us come out to your home to give you a free and easy estimate.

Gutter Whitening Service

If you want your home to look its best, don’t forget about the gutters! On the Delmarva Peninsula, our homes are subjected to a variety of things that can make your gutters look more than a little worse for the wear. How many times have you looked up at your gutter and wished those ugly black streaks would disappear? Now there is a way! Look no further. East Coast Window Cleaning can make those ugly stains disappear. They will look brand new, with our gutter whitening service!

Our team of gutter whitening experts will use our specialized cleaning process to bring back the original luster of your gutters while removing any potentially corrosion-causing materials that have collected over time. Not only will we improve your home’s curb appeal and value, but our gutter whitening service will also help extend the life of your gutters by protecting them from further damage caused by these abrasive materials. Once we’re done, you won’t believe how great your gutters look!

So, if you want to maximize your home’s curb appeal and give it the makeover it deserves, don’t forget to include gutter whitening in your plans. With East Coast Window Cleaning on your side, you can be sure that we’ll bring out the best in your gutters so they can help bring out the best in your home.

Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to help restore your home’s gutter appearance!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Had these folks clean out my gutters and downspouts last week…was having a terrible time with overflow…streams of water running down my house. They did a great job for what I believe to be was a reasonable price! And we had a big storm just a few days after they were here and not one problem with overflow! Highly recommend!!”

Stephanie P, Rehoboth Beach
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