Window Tinting Services


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We offer a no-obligation consultation to help you understand the current window film technologies and navigate through all the available products on today’s market. Window film offers a multitude of benefits including lowering utility bills, reducing glare and fading of furniture and flooring, and improving privacy.
The sun’s heat can be brutal and is the number one cause of heat gain in most of today’s homes. We can reduce up to 79% of the sun’s heat and reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. Window Tinting helps increase comfort for you and your family while your HVAC system gets a break.

Get rid of annoying glare.  Glare Control window film was specifically created to reduce glare while enhancing the view from your windows. Unfortunately when the sun hits glass it causes refraction and light displacement decreasing your comfort, making the television unwatchable, and destroying your view. Your windows are meant to be looked out of and enjoyed, not covered by blinds and drapes.
The sun’s UV rays  fade your interior furnishings.  Whether it’s a leather couch or beautiful original wood flooring we can walk you through which home window film will be the best for your fading prevention needs.
Security window films are designed to protect windows from shattering and keep out the bad guys while adding an extra level of safety to your glass. When the event is natural disaster, vandalism, or accidental damage, you want to know flying debris and broken glass aren’t going to cause injuries or a dangerous mess. Window film strengthens your glass, helping to prevent breakage in the first place. In the event your windows do shatter, film helps damaged glass hold together, much like a car windshield.
Installing film on  windows allows for complete privacy without sacrificing the inflow of natural light with blinds or curtains.
Whether you’re looking for a window tint to block heat, reduce glare, fading or add privacy, East Coast Window Cleaning has the most extensive high end selection available in today’s market to fit your needs. Replacing old inefficient windows is expensive and unnecessary when a simple application of window film transforms them. Also, window film pays for itself over time due to the significant savings on utility bills you’ll experience immediately and continually in your home. All these savings can be put towards other more necessary fixes and updates in the home. An efficient home is a happy home!
Energy efficiency is a top priority for many of today’s business owners. Commercial window film offers business owners a simple way to cut overhead costs, many of which are overlooked. For example, cafes and restaurants that boast an ocean view or sun-drenched and relaxed atmosphere will find that window film allows for optimal window seating without the heat or glare issues customers would otherwise avoid. The same goes for any gym; no one picks the treadmill near the window because the sun is in their eyes and the added heat makes working out unbearable! With window film, there’s no need to install solar shades or blinds to appease patrons anymore! Window film technology allows for heat and glare rejection of up to 79%. This saves business owners significantly on utility bills, allowing more room in the budget for other things. In an office setting, privacy window film is great for meeting rooms and decorative film can impress clients by adding a custom, upscale look to any building. Most importantly, business owners can feel secure knowing our security film is there to protect their inventory against smash and grab break-ins while also protecting against natural disasters.